Open Enrollment: October 15th - December 7th 2019
      A Medicare Checklist
  • Consider a Medigap insurance policy to supplement Medicare. 
    Medicare can leave a large portion of most people’s medical bills unpaid. That’s why many people buy a private Medigap supplemental insurance policy.
  • Consider a Medicare Part C managed care plan. These Medicare Advantage plans replace traditional Medicare Parts A and B with broader coverage. They tend to cost less than regular Medicare supplemented with a private Medigap policy, but they may limit the health providers you may use. Some Part C plans include prescription drug coverage; others don’t.


We can help you understand and compare the options, and pick the plan that’s best for you.


  • Consider a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. 
    Medicare Part D drug plans help provide some reduction in yearly drug costs. Failure to enroll within six months of turning 65 may create a lifetime penalty .We can explain the pros and cons of enrollment based on your needs.
  • Call Pedersen Associates at 414.573.8555For over thirty years Pedersen Associates has been helping individuals make intelligent decisions about complicated insurance matters. We make it easy to check all the boxes.
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For over thirty years Pedersen Associates has been helping individuals make intelligent decisions about complicated insurance matters.


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